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Beautiful Chaos

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7 Years in the Making!

That is how long I have been wanting to start this blog. A little over 7 years ago, when I first bought our home, my intention always was to blog about the journey of renovating it and turning it into a family home. I'd even got as far as registering a domain. But as anyone doing a complete reno themselves knows, alongside holding down a full time job with long hours, and trying to have a life... well best laid plans and all that. However, 7 years on in the midst of national lockdowns, maternity leave and with 3 kids, a husband and a labrador in tow, I have finally sat down with a laptop and a hot cuppa and got my act together.

So here it is "Building Beautiful Chaos". My little blog sharing what we have done over the last 7 years to gut, repair, renovate and modernise a once run-down ugly house into a fun, welcoming family home.

So where are we at? Well we've still not finished but what's left now is predominantly cosmetic - I mean who needs a door on the toilet and skirting board in the hallway anyway?! The problem with renovating with kids is - well the kids! Progress slows to a snail's pace and family life takes over and that's absolutely fine. Another spanner in the works (pardon the pun) is the early arrival of child - aka Creator of Chaos - number 3, who took us by surprise by deciding he wasn't going to wait the planned 2 years to give us time to complete the house, sell it and buy a 4 bed in anticipation of growing our family. Nope. So instead we are tripping over toys and finding we have an increasing need for more living space to house said toys and contain the little monsters who cause so much chaos in our lives. And so the plans to extend are underway and we will be putting both our sanity and skills to the test as we embark on a DIY self-build complete with 3 small helpers to give us the space we need without the pressure and expense of moving.

Mad? Most likely! But what fun is life if you don't keep it interesting?


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