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Most of the photos on Building Beautiful Chaos are taken by its author and creator J Elliott. Any photos sourced elsewhere will be clearly stated with a source link.

Unless stated, Building Beautiful Chaos is the copyright holder of all texts, photos and videos on this site and all rights are reserved. If you would like to publish, reproduce, copy or download any part of this site, you must seek consent from it's owner and author first. If you wish to use any content for marketing purposes, please put this in writing by contacting me on the email address 


I aim to keep my blog authentic to my original goal of sharing how we have renovated our home; and inspiring others to take on budget friendly DIY projects and embrace the fun and challenges of undertaking a home renovation.

Blogs are free to read, but they do cost money to run and it does take time and effort to write them, take the photos, etc. Adverts and affiliate links provide an opportunity to earn money which I can then invest back into the site.

Please also take time to view my websites privacy policy page for information on how your personal data is collected and used.

Sponsored Posts and Brand Partnerships

Occasionally, I will agree to collaborate with a brand to create specific content for the blog or Instagram. I will only work with brands I believe in and support, and will only ever promote products and services that I have tried for myself, and ones that I would truly recommend to those who I feel would benefit from them. 

As these posts are sponsored by a brand, the content created will almost certainly involve their products/service within it, and will be clearly marked AD in the blog post, webpage or social media platform on which they are shared.

I may have received payment for this type of post or a discount on the products, not only because it’s a guaranteed form of advertising for the brand, but it’s also creating specific content for a brand, which is work for me. Where I’ve been paid to work with a brand or purchased products at a discounted rate as part of a brand partnership, this will always be disclosed in the post.

If you’re interested in collaborating on a blog post for your brand please read the info on my Work With Me page or contact me at

Gifted/PR Products

Occasionally, a brand will send me free products to try. Whenever I receive and write about any PR or Gifted product, I will always disclose this information, no matter how inexpensive that item may be. I’m always 100% honest with any product I’ve received and if I don’t like the item (which does happen), I have no obligation to use or share it. If I do share an item, you can trust I genuinely like it and I’m sharing it because I think you will like it too! 

Affiliate Links

Currently Building Beautiful Chaos does not have any affiliate links but plans to do so in the future.

Across the website there are links to different suppliers, materials and products we have used throughout our home. They may be in relation to both the renovation work or home interiors, decor and homeware.

Some of these links are affiliate links. Affiliate links are links whereby if you go on to buy a product from that website on my recommendation, I’ll receive a small commission from you doing so.

Using an affiliate link in no way affects the price you pay or your rights as a buyer – it’s simply a thank-you from the brand or website for recommending their product which gives me a tiny bonus which helps towards running costs of Building Beautiful Chaos (web hosting, domain name, purchasing resources for posts, etc): 

I will only link to products or pages I genuinely believe in; that I would use myself; that I would have linked to even in the absence of an affiliate link; and that I think would be of interest to you, the reader.  

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