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Showing you how with a bit of vision; & a lot of hard work, determination, time & patience we have completely renovated  a run-down 1930s house into our modern, family home

- and on a small budget of just £15K!

And with 3 kids now in the mix & more space desperately needed, follow us on the even more chaotic journey of raising kids & renovating  as we embark on the next chapter of a    self-build extension.


with kids

ca'pietra brompton kew tiles. Cambridge magdalene victorian blue floor tiles.

Home Interiors

Creating practical, homely interiors that make me smile

We renovated and doubled the value of our home for £25K

The Project

What we did, how we did it , what it cost and what next.

baking with kids. Spiced sticky toffee apple cake

Family Life

Life and renovating while

raising kids

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